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Industry–university collaborations (IUCs) have a long tradition in several countries worldwide and universities play a crucial role in achieving economic growth in today’s knowledge-based societies. university and industry share a symbiotic relationship. university produces graduates who are absorbed by industry. Research work in universities are taken up by the industry and turned into products and services. Industry on the other hand looks to academia for solutions to their concerns. It would like universities to tailor their courses to turn out graduates whose skill-set are aligned to industry requirements. Often new research topics arise out of interaction between the duos which benefit both academia and industry.

AGIMUS Academia Industry Alliance Program (AAIAP) focuses on bringing high end electronics design, IOT, AI, ML, Robotics, RF and embedded computing platforms to the labs of colleges and university enhancing the experience of technical education and real time practice on world beating technologies. The induction of latest technology platforms offers an immersive learning experience to students and trainers ensures that forthcoming industry needs are met with. AGIMUS enables academia to push the barriers of Industrial learning. Thanks to the substantive support of its technology partners and solution providers. Exposure to the latest technology platforms offers a comprehensive learning experience to students and academia and ensures that the industry-academia gap is reduced.