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Skilled engineers are in great demand but there is scarcity. Educational institutes and the private sector are taking steps to get more trained technical resources into the workforce. AGIMUS offers a comprehensive learning experience to students and academia to ensure that the industry-academia gap is reduced. Education and training should be more responsive to market needs. That’s why educational institutes and the private sector are working closely through the Education-Industry Alliance.

Alignment of curriculum with industry requirements

Considering the evolving nature of industry and changes in the job market, it has become imperative to ascertain how best the academic curriculum can address various requirements and demands of the dynamic industry.

Despite exponential changes in almost every field, college curriculum is often rigid and hard to revise. It is advisable that curriculum is revised regularly and is developed in accordance with what industry needs. Academia can also look at existing pedagogies and see if the same can be improved and made more practical in approach. So far there has been immense reliance on the classroom methodology and a theory-heavy approach, however, the need is to make the entire approach more practical case studies; regularly calling guest speakers from different industries and letting students interact with them can prove to be extremely beneficial for everyone. Furthermore, there are a number of fantastic, industry relevant online courses available which can be merged with the syllabus to give students more insights about the industry.

Course details
Sl.No Course Students per Batch Duration
1 FPGA Design – Full Custom 25 4 Months
2 VLSI – FPGA Functional Verification using System Verilog 25 5 Months
3 VLSI - SoC Functional Verification using System Verilog and UVM- Full custom 25 6 Months
4 RTL Design using VERILOG 25 2 Months
5 RTL Verification using SYSTEM VERILOG 25 2 Months
6 Static Timing Analysis of VLSI Designs 10 2 Months
7 Internship on VLSI Design and Essentials of FPGA 25 45 Days
8 Internship on Embedded Systems 25 45 Days
9 Internship on RTL Verification using Verilog 25 45 Days
10 Internship on RTL Verification using System Verilog 25 45 Days
In-house/College Training

AGIMUS offers on-site or in-house customized technical training / workshops tailored for the needs of the academic community & research institutes. We are partnered with many technical colleges to provide and deliver quality training in the latest current trend. We offer programs which are ideally suited for the needs of both the student community and faculty. Objective of our industry oriented college training program is to make the engineering students suitable for an industry by training and assisting the students on a range of projects/platforms which have relevance to the industry. Students can enhance their knowledge and skill in various technologies through the in-depth career programs.

Programs under In-house / College Training
  • Basic Technical Training- 4 Days.
  • Workshop – 2 to 10 days ( Customized based on College requirement)
  • Faculty Development Program- 3 to 10 days (Customized based on College requirement).
  • Skill Development Program for Students- 3 to 10 days (Customized based on College requirement).