OASIS - Decades of Optimization Research in a Click
How OASIS Works

OASIS is able to compute the full range of design possibilities and uses intelligent sampling which pinpoints the focus areas that contain the most promising options; regardless of design complexity.

The application of OASIS’ techniques yield best designs found in less time, while users generate meaningful data to understand their models better.

Included Algorithms
  • Single Objective Global Optimization (SOGO): solving global optimization problems with one objective and many inexpensive constraints
  • Multi-Objective Global Optimization (MOGO): solving global optimization problems with more than one objective and inexpensive constraints
  • SOGO for Constrained Problems (SOGO-C): solving global optimization problems with expensive constraints and/or tightly-constrained search spaces
The Oasis Advantage
  • Find the best design in less time
  • Optimize with no algorithm picking or complex scripts
  • Generate & discover meaningful design data
Next Generation Optimization

OASIS next-generation optimization software significantly enhances your traditional simulation and prototyping packages by applying industry-leading optimization techniques to your design process. OASIS lets you tackle the most pressing optimization challenges:

  • Single and multi-objective problems
  • Single and multi-objective problems
  • Highly constrained (limited) objectives

The powerful optimization engine driving OASIS lets you find your best design option in less time than any other commercial solution.