PCB and Antenna Prototyping Machine

Agimus PCB and Antenna Prototyping Machine

PCB or Printed Circuit Board is the traditional name for the bare board of which you supply us with the layout data and which you use to mount your components on once we have delivered it to you.

A printed circuit board, or PCB, is used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways, tracks or signal traces etched from copper sheets laminated onto a nonconductive substrate.

When the board has only copper tracks and features, and no circuit elements such as capacitors, resistors or active devices have been manufactured into the actual substrate of the board, it is more correctly referred to as printed wiring board (PWB) or etched wiring board. Use of the term PWB or printed wiring board although more accurate and distinct from what would be known as a true printed circuit board, has generally fallen by the wayside for many people as the distinction between circuit and wiring has become blurred.

Today printed wiring (circuit) boards are used in virtually all but the simplest commercially produced electronic devices, and allow fully automated assembly processes that were not possible or practical in earlier era tag type circuit assembly processes.

Product Details

Industrial Standard High Accurate PCB and Antenna Prototyping Machine Series with Manual and Automatic tool Change Options

  • High Accuracy
  • High Strength
  • Good Quality
  • Fine Finish
Features PCBMATE - 300W PCBMATE – Auto tool
PCB Prototyping System PCB Prototyping Machine - Manual PCB Prototyping Machine - Auto
Software Copper CAM and Mach3 Mill Copper CAM and Mach3 Mill
Accessories Handheld Remote Control unit for Machine Setting Handheld Remote Control unit for Machine Setting
Resolution (X/Y) 3.125 Micro Meter (0.123 Mil)
Working Area (X/Y/Z)(mm) 220x330x120 450x550x520
Auto Tool change -------Nil----- 49 Pcs
Minimum Width Line & Space in mm 0.1 (4 mil) 0.1 (4 mil)
Max Travel Speed (mm/sec) 58 (2.28 “) 58 (2.28 “)
Drilling (mm) 0.2 -3.175 (8-125 mil) 0.2 -3.175 (8-125 mil)
Maximum Drilling Cycles/ Min 50 50
Conversion Software Converts Gerber, G code Converts Gerber, G code
Main Axle Power Rate 300 W 1500 W
Main Axle Rotating Speed 25000 RPM 60000 RPM
Max working speed 3500mm/min 3500mm/min
Feeding Height 120 mm 150 mm
Working drive 0.02-0.05mm 0.02-0.05mm
Repositioning accuracy 0.01-0.02mm 0.01-0.02mm
Capability of Processing various materials FR4, Copper clad, Acrylic, Metal, Aluminum and etc., FR4, Copper clad, Acrylic, Metal, Aluminium and etc.,
Power 220 V AC 220 V AC
Weight 52 Kg 60 Kg